Fishing Rules

General Fishing Rules

  1. No barbecues or fires allowed on site. Only camping stoves.
  2. No dogs allowed on the premises whatsoever.
  3. Children are always welcome but under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Barbless, single hooks only.
  5. Each angler must have a suitable landing net for all catches.
  6. Unhooking mat compulsory.
  7. No braided lines to be used. No lure fishing.
  8. No keep nets.
  9. No more than two rods per person.
  10. A current rod licence must be in force and produced upon request.
  11. Do not fish over or through the reeds and plant life.
  12. Fish only from the designated swims.
  13. Do not use multiple swims unless you vacate the previous swim taking all your tackle etc. with you.
  14. Your ticket allows you to use the whole site with exception of reserved swims.
  15. All vehicles including push bikes to be parked in designated car parks only and are not to venture on to any other part of the site.
  16. Radios, personal stereos and the like are not permitted unless used with headphones and must not be heard by the next swim.
  17. No cutting or damaging trees, bushes, reeds or any other plant growth.
  18. All fish caught on this lake to be returned as soon as possible to the spot they were landed. No keep nets.
  19. No peanuts, tiger nuts or blood worm jokers.
  20. No litter or waste tackles to be left on the banks. Put it in the bin right away.
  21. No wading.
  22. Boilers only to be used on the hook, not to be loose fed. Only non bio-degradable baits allowed.
  23. Hours of fishing are dawn till dusk unless a night ticket is obtained.
  24. Please do not climb banks surrounding the north-west side of Finch’s main lake.
  25. Finch Farm accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to fishing tackle, cars, persons or any other property, however caused.
  26. Spectators only by prior agreement, one per angler.
  27. Minimum line weight 25lb on the cat lake.
  28. We reserve the right to add or amend the rules as a situation arises.

Pike Fishing Rules

Before fishing, report to Lech or Mick.

  1. Pike season starts October 1st and ends March 15th.
  2. Only dead bait and spinners can be used.
  3. Traces made of nylon covered wire or stainless steel e. use 7 strand wire trace – these are to be handmade of a min 24” (60cm) and not less than 25lb breaking strain.


  1. A large unhooking mat
  2. Landing nets. Arms no shorter than 36” long.
  3. 12” artery forceps and a pair of side cutters that are able to cut problem hooks caught in pike through tissue or gill rakers.
  4. An adequate carp/pike weighing sling.
  5. A sensitive and effective bite detector system that shows drop back bites as well as runs.
  6. Only one single treble hooks barbless size 10 to 4.
  7. No plugs only spinners as shown in Shack.
  8. Your main line must be no less than 15lb breaking strain.


Dead bait on sale from the Shack.
Ask Lech.